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Moorton Heights Primary School - Chatsworth

Only the best will do for our children
The juxtaposition of badly maintained public schools against private schools with manicured lawns and well-maintained infrastructure, highlights a very real and visible disparity in South Africa.

Many public schools function in a state of disrepair due to neglect and lack of maintenance because of government’s tight budget.

Moorton Heights primary school’s ablution facilities needed urgent attention and Goldrush heeded the call. The situation was dire as some of the toilets had no doors and that violated the learner’s rights to privacy.

Goldrush took up the challenge and refurbish 29 toilets and set up a water tank. The walls were repainted, new toilet seats and bowls were added; and the flush mechanism was fixed.

The 282 learners of the school now have much improved ablution facilities to use.