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Knowledge is Power
The prospect of a free university education is still not a reality in South Africa. Growth in student numbers without matching bursaries and financial aid is a challenge that many students face every year.

Tuition fees vary from R24 000 – R100 000 per year and that amount is unattainable for many disadvantaged communities in this country.

Goldrush understands the importance of education and is delighted to be contributing towards making dreams come true through funding university education.

An amount of R100 000 was spent to fund two students studying Arts and Culture degrees at Rhodes University and 2 Science kits for Riet-bron Primary school were also sponsored by Goldrush.

Letters of gratitude from University students

To the foundation:

I would like to thank you for choosing me, for believing in my abilities by making a contribution towards my education. Thank you for being a company that is reaching out and making a difference in a problem that is faced by the country. There is a Xhosa proverb on humanity and it says “Umuntu ngumuntu ngabantu”, which directly translates to ‘a person is a person through other people’, you have been those people who are making a difference in people’s lives. For this I am truly grateful.

Many thanks,
Chumani Nkwinti
(Rhodes University Student)

Dear Goldrush Foundation

I feel it is necessary for me to reiterate my gratitude to the Goldrush Foundation. I owe most of my success in 2016 to the foundation for decreasing my burden of fees and repayment of the NSFAS loan that I had received in the previous year. Thank you very much, and I hope that this year the foundation has the ability to do something of this sort again, they mean the world to the beneficiaries and they are grateful, I know I was and I am certain the next person will feel the same way as well.

Kind Regards
Siphosethu Matebese (Rhodes University Student)