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Operation Hunger – Eastern Cape

Building impactful partnership
Goldrush is proud to be a financial partner to a national NPO such as Operation Hunger. It boasts of 39 years of experience in helping to address the problems associated with chronic malnutrition and poverty in South Africa. Goldrush contributes R1.2 million annually for the administration and operational expenses of this non-profit organisation.

Operation Hunger is involved in the following projects:

• Water supply systems such as the distribution of Hippo Rollers to over 1000 families across the country.

•Refurbishing windmills and hand pumps to assist communities in Limpopo to access clean water for domestic use. This effort benefits approximately 390 000 people annually.

• Food gardens were started in schools in the communities and this benefits over 16 000 people per year. The food garden initiative empowers the communities so they can plant their own vegetables and sell them for much needed income to support their families.

• Daily feeding schemes benefit toddlers, women and the elderly in informal settlements who would go to sleep hungry. These feeding schemes support 504,000 beneficiaries a year. They operate in the Eastern Cape, Western Cape, KZN, Mpumalanga, Limpopo and Northern Cape.

• Nutritional education to equip mothers with the necessary skills and knowledge to meet the nutritional needs of children.

• The number of soup kitchens established and supported, or which continued to be supported, rose from 26 in 2016 to over 40 in 2017. About 56 000 people (175 average per kitchen) of all age groups, benefit from these kitchens monthly.