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If you are an establishment owner this is what we can offer you:

We are a licensed Route Operator, which means that we are licensed to manage limited payout machines (LPM’s) in partner sites.

An LPM offers the player a maximum bet of R5 and a maximum jackpot of R500 in any one spin.

Goldrush creates a partnership with the Site Owner on a profit sharing basis. LPM’s are legally allowed in sites such as pubs, clubs, hotels, taverns, bookmakers and other adult entertainment venues.

Therefore we create an opportunity for establishments to participate in the gambling industry AT NO COST TO THE SITE OWNER.

We even manage, service and maintain the machines for you!

Goldrush has a large catalogue of game types available to suit the needs of any market.

We are available at any time to answer any questions on 086 123 GOLD (4653).